What the owner has to do when it comes to selling his house?

The management of the sale of your house has to be a coordinated work in which both parties, agency and owner, agree on the best way to carry out the work and achieve a satisfactory result.

A good photo report of your home will attract the client, make your house visually attractive and facilitate the work to make appointments and show your home. The important thing is that you understand that for agents, the photographs is a fundamental tool to attract customers.

For this, it is not enough to take a camera and shoot. The photo report of your home has to reflect the best of it, and for this one of your tasks will be to try to depersonalize the house and prepare it for it as much as possible. Remember that visitors will have to feel that they can live there, and meet with photographs and personal objects everywhere will not facilitate the work of imagining it …

The main problem that we find in the coastal area when selling a house is that in most cases, while managing its sale, the house is still used for family enjoyment or to rent it and get profitable. This means that in most cases, when we go to make a visit, we find situations like clothes hanging, messy bathrooms, chairs and beach umbrellas everywhere or kitchen without cleaning … Remember that it is useless for us to carry customers to your home if the first impression they are going to take home is going to be that of chaos and disorder. According to the experts, the first forty seconds of the visit are the ones that will mark the result of it.

If you are going to use your home while manage the sale do not forget to leave everything perfect when you return to your routine!

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