Acquiring a residential property is an exciting adventure but still complex. From first-time buyers fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning their own home, to investors looking to expand their property portfolio, selling or buying real estate is one of the biggest and most crucial decisions you can make. For that reason you should seek the help of experts in qualified laws who know how to monitor and protect their interests, no matter what they are.

For every satisfaction and opportunity that comes with buying a residential property, there is a risk and a liability that can frustrate the closing of the deal or lead to its cancellation altogether.

Representation to the Buyer

No matter how much experience you have when buying real estate, it is important to have a lawyer by your side who deals with the complex regulations and lender requirements that affect each transaction. Our expertise in these matters allows us to provide all the relevant services that you will need through a point of contact. This includes the evaluation of property title, title insurance, contract preparation and negotiation, applying for loans, taking legal ownership of the property, and advice and legal advice. In addition, we can help you meet your taxes and take advantage of the Florida rural housing exemption, if applicable.

Representation to the Seller

As the seller in this type of transaction, you have obligations and concerns that you should consider, including fixing several terms in the buyer’s contract. We can help you meet disclosure requirements, prepare all comprehensive documents for closing the deal (such as a Deed of Guarantee and a sales invoice), review the closing statement and closing costs , find and highlight any defects in the property title, and serve as a guide during the transaction.

Representation to Foreigners

If you are among the thousands of foreign buyers, sellers and investors with an interest real estate, you must ally with a law firm that offers combined expertise in immigration, real estate, and business law. In addition to the aforementioned services, we specialize in the unique challenges that affect foreigners involved in real estate in the United States.

Evaluation and Insurance of the Real Estate Title

Ensuring that there are no problems with the property title or collective rights associated with the property in question will achieve a successful end to the treatment for both parties.

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