When an owner wants to sell a home, one of the main challenges he faces is to show the floor or house to potential buyers. Presenting the house to be pleasant can sometimes be complicated, even if we have already done a previous job preparing the house. Tips and tricks on how to teach your home potential buyers:

The first impression, the most important

The first thing that those interested in buying the house can see, can be key for their future decision. Therefore, it is important that we have the house well organized, clean and with everything in place. If we have a hall or entrance, we must have it neat, without clutter and with some detail that is pleasing to the buyer, such as flowers or a natural plant. Although it may seem trivial, it can help us make an initial good impression.

Do not neglect the details

Even if you do a general cleaning and order the house before the visit, do not neglect the small details and review them as well. A tap that drips, a door that does not close … are small things that can contribute to give a bad image of our home and cause a negative impression on the person interested in buying it.

It uses natural light

If your house has good natural lighting, take advantage of it and stay with your customers at the hours when there is more sunlight. In this way, potential buyers will see your home at the best time. If your case is the opposite, that is, if you lack good natural lighting, you can stay with your customers in low sun hours (in the afternoon if it is in winter) to try to cover this deficiency.

It highlights the strengths of your home

When you guide them through your home you should emphasize the strengths of the home you want to sell. If you are in a central district, highlights the little time it takes to get everywhere. If you have a subway nearby, highlight the time it takes to get closer to the stop, etc. The same with the interiors. If your apartment has two bathrooms, explain how comfortable you are not having to share toilet, etc.

Remove superfluous elements

Buyers tend to be more receptive when they see a house with few furniture, as that allows them to get a better idea of ​​the possible distributions and potentialities of each room. A good option is to eliminate during the visit the auxiliary furniture and everything that generates “noise” in your house.

Care with the cabinets

Many buyers are interested in the size of the cabinets and it may be the case that someone opens the door of one of them to check their capacity. If you do cleaning, do not hide everything inside the closet in any way, they can discover you and it is a detail that does not look good.

Save the best for last

When you show the house, dose the information. That is, keep in mind that the first impression is very important but also save some of the rooms that you like the most for the end. In this way, the potential buyer will stay with a good feeling and less graceful stays will be in the background.

Don’t show you nervous

Even if you are in a hurry to sell the house and it is vitally important to make the transaction, do not get nervous during the visit. Quietly explain the details and characteristics of your home and calmly answer questions from potential buyers. A calm and serene attitude, at the same time that friendly and friendly, can help you close the sale. On the other hand, if you are nervous, the prospective buyer may take a negative impression. Also, it will be easier for you to forget important details and not be focused on what you want to convey.

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