First you should know that you can enter the business in four different ways although some require you to have investment capital:

As a real estate broker: This is the person who is engaged to negotiate the purchase and sale or rental of land, houses, buildings or apartments. Also called brokers, their business is finding customers to sell or rent the property to someone who does not want or does not have the ability or contacts to negotiate and earn a commission for this work that is proportional to the value of the property. In all countries there are broker associations that provide training and a network of contacts for the success of its members. It also has the enormous advantage that you can work independently, do not need capital and you can generate good profits without depending on an agent’s office.

As investor: The person who has a good capital to buy and resell properties. Usually this person takes advantage of the discounts in prices or offers of those who sell their houses or lands to buy and resell them for a greater price obtaining thus a utility almost immediately. Its business also includes often remodel or improve houses or apartments to dramatically increase their selling price. The disadvantage is that smell and experience is required to make successful investments and minimize risk.

As developer : Very similar to the investor , is referees people or companies that have the ability to acquire large tracts of land on small plots and sell them to customers grassroots level. Its success consists in acquiring the farms at very low prices, urbanizing and reselling, thus obtaining lucrative profits.

Builder: Although in the latter case the business is more focused on building, also it has a lot to do with the real estate market because their main customers are investors who require their services for the construction of houses, condominiums or offices for sale or rent. Its usefulness comes from the construction of housing units at low cost.

Of course, like all businesses, the market Real Estate has its risks, high and low. To pursue this business is indispensable persevering attitude, devoted many hours to the attention of customers and a complete sales orientation. If you are willing to pay this price, you expect huge economic satisfactions.

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