Before accepting anything written or oral ( contracts may be valid law), make sure that exactly on the intended purpose, in particular, on the following specific topics: pollution, land quality, plans municipal development, the existence of rental agreements and leases with respect to property tax liabilities, is responsible for the arrears of property taxes and for more information you can see how to make listings of homes.

Adhesion contracts can be easy to fill, but promised is usually only good for contractors who designed the form. Individual contracts, however often a headache. The existence of individual agreements may affect the mood is true in the contract negotiations, but most also changed their results crucial.

Organize everything in the contract, so you can do it enforced in the law

Think of the disposition of assets always adhere to the slightly modified for the sale of your property. Trust is good, better security; which provides guarantees to ensure the contractual agreement so that it must be enforced if necessary.

Buyers insist on the conclusion of a notarial contract (“Public Sale Deed”) and their entry into the property registry, even if the deferred payment is settled.

If an under construction, not yet completed object purchased for deferment of payment, since it is part of the test will be the seller in terms of insurance mortgage payments or bank guarantee is completed. For Real Estate Pages to a foreign buyer, you must first identify which profile fits their property and thus direct its efforts to reach its publication prospective buyers.

Try to live in the sample object planned

Always unplug with difficult questions and problems, added an expert advisor. Your cost is only a fraction of the damage that your contractor may have already scheduled.

Do not sign any contract you no longer understand because of the language barrier. You can rely on the seller’s side mostly, but play it safe and refer to your own translator or at least someone who speaks the local language. The fee to be paid by professionals, is usually well spent money.

The private contract

Be careful! Different rules apply in Many Countries. The private written contract of sale is equivalent to a pre-contract. The Private Contract is absolutely legal.

Writing and land registration

The document created before notary called Deed of Sale, the public purchase contract, which, however, confirmed the transaction only a notary.

This backup is recommended for both the purchase of land with subsequent construction as well as the purchase of a piece of real estate. Only if you are a business owner on the property registry, you can no longer enter the cadaster requires any creditor of the previous owner.


A notary is required to land registration inspection prior to certification but not, however, to verify the legality of a contract, the extent to which a plot is developed, or possibly to compromise the expropriation rules due to blueprint etc. A notary cannot replace the lawyer. You must always have the notary of the seller, if you do not, you can always choose your own notary.


They meet with a real estate agent at the notary. He is interested in exposing writing and signing. Suddenly, the notary leaves the room. You pay a large part of the agreed amount. The transaction is securitized.

This method is vary for country to country decades constantly, but why is it not legal. The notary knows nothing and the parties are obliged to provide the correct data. That is, if a proof of purchase is to blame for buyers and sellers.

Other countries usually sells a home-owned property. There are no prescribed limits – just guidelines. Lately the commission has stabilized again at around 5%. Many promoters can be your activity, but still with 10% and more rewarding. Again, it is worth comparing prices. Ultimately, this amount is “full” in the selling price.

Second hand property

Even if you buy through an intermediary who does it all for you, let the object of an expert check. It is not too often hidden flaws that are not obvious at first glance. You should be able to take in any case, access to the property registry.

You should be able to verify if the property tax and municipal taxes for the past five years have been paid by the seller. After these claims arise only after the seizure order on the land, it would be in your best interest if you can show the buyer’s payment receipt. Otherwise, they are responsible for the last five years, and have no choice but to pay the outstanding amounts.

In addition to electricity, gas, water, telephone should have been paid by the seller. Covering your part would have the idea of ​​the present building license and the certificate to habitability.

Property registration

As buyers should not be in the office of the corresponding registry (Property Registry) a deed (a simple note) be sure to provide information about ownership and charges.

Apartments and bungalows

In an initial purchase of apartment or bungalow in a residential area, it may be the New Notary Statement (New Deed of Writing) and the statutes that regulate the owners’ inherent and take a Deed. They always have to pay for common property. Also, make sure the previous owner is not with your payments in arrears.

Final price or even cost?

Never forget to ask if it is the price of the property is the final price. Most announce that even the VAT or tax on the transfer of real estate must be attributed. In addition, notary fees, and transfer taxes for the creation of works and costs of public land registration.

The space and the square that live

The square has been given here in your country, always refer to the floor surface. That is, here is wall measurement from exterior to outer wall, which means that the covered building area is not specified. So to calculate the pure living space, the net habitable area, you have to subtract 25 to 40% as a rule. In the apartments also the community area (e.g., hallways) is included in the calculation. In the middle of the English plain remaining of an apartment of 60 square meters 100 square meters of usable net cash was. Where this calculation is legally correct. You just have to know.

Heating and other

Here it really seems not just the sun. Even if you visit in January under a radiant sunshine to your new home, do not be fooled. We also have here on the coast temperatures that can be placed in a few degrees above zero. Heating or air conditioning, insulated glass windows and good electrical installations (at least 8,8kw) are here is not a luxury, it is a necessity in Spanish territory.

House service

Property management, garden and pool maintenance are mostly items that are essential if you are not constantly inhabiting your property. Almost all intermediaries or construction companies offer this service as well. Price comparison as well as information in your neighborhood. Worth it!

Payment in construction

If possible, try to make the payment arrangements for what is charged depending on the progress of the construction. This requires, however, that you are the registered owner already in the Property Registry. A bank guarantee (Aval) is the buyers and sellers with the necessary security. Try to pay in a minimum of 6 installments and not in 3 installments. Then you have to go with large sums in advance, you have already had to regret some bitter customer.


Even though a non-resident grant, many banks now mortgage. Financing totals vary between 50 and 80% of the figure according to the estimated value. You see, there is equity it is not possible to buy. In addition to banking, notary fees and mortgage registration Order Transmission Tax 0.5% must be paid. All costs added together, is approximately 10%.

Electricity and water

Even if you listen to another – make sure your property also has light and water connection. In many rural homes, where these conditions were not created, do not forget to plan for the cost of adequate water tanks and generators.

So when the area should open again, but where is your property, you need to know that a lot of costs will come to you? It is also important to check whether in rural or remote plots of possibly existing water or electrical connections are also actually a company and not hit as a neighbor or have been installed by a private provider.

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